CareContent is a digital content agency for healthcare organizations.


Your healthcare organization has a challenge: You’re trying to reach a certain audience online—could be patients, clinicians, or healthcare administrators.

You know that compelling web content is the solution.

But your team is too small, too stressed, or too focused on other priorities. They don’t have the time or bandwidth to develop content.

That’s where CareContent comes in. Learn more about how we can help.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Content Marketing

Can’t our team do content in-house?

They could, but the question is—will they?

What’s your process?

We start with a strategy.

Can our physicians write the content?

Physicians should not be writing content.

What if we don’t have the budget?

Content marketing is a long-term investment.

How can you track the ROI?

First, decide what your goals are.

1. Can’t our team do content in-house?

Depends. How high is your bar? If you’re piling content on top of your team’s other responsibilities, then don’t set it too high. Here’s a blog post about all of the skill sets needed to do effective content marketing. Unless you have a team specifically dedicated to planning, creating, promoting, and tracking content, it’s best to just let us do it.

2. What’s your process?

Any content marketing tactic should start with a strategy—a content calendar at the very least. After that, we get to work creating the content. And we do pretty much everything. All your team does is review. Then, we begin testing the best ways to promote it.

3. Can our physicians write the content?

We firmly believe that physicians should not be writing content, unless writing is already a personal interest and hobby. It cannot be a directive or request from marketing.

4. What if we don’t have the budget?

Start small. Consider doing a patient guide, a series of patient stories, or a revamp of your key web pages—all with a robust promotion plan. Yes, content marketing is an investment, but it doesn’t have to be a huge investment to get started.

5. How can you track the ROI on content marketing?

For healthcare organizations new to content marketing, we advocate starting with engagement goals—traffic, shares, comments, etc. Then, shoot for interaction goals, such as event signups or email address collection. After that, you can start looking at more tangible returns like patient appointment requests.