About Us

Our Mission

CareContent, Inc partners with health systems, medical associations, payor organizations, and healthcare support service providers. We turn their digital presence into an asset for achieving their growth goals, and guiding their patients, consumers, providers, and administrators through our crazy healthcare system.

Our Story

We started out as hospital bloggers, then healthcare content strategists and website designers. Now, we help healthcare organizations design digital experiences that focus on growth and engagement. Here are 5 principles that guide our work:

  Audience first. It’s about them. Not you.

  We do not co-sign digital tactics that lead to poor offline experiences. Fix, then implement the tactic.

  Strategy before tactics. Strategy before content. Strategy before everything.

  Digital experience and content strategy often reveal larger weak points in operations and even revenue models. Be ready for change.

  If the ultimate goal is not to help someone, then why are we all here?