Rebecca Steurer

VP, Client Strategy

After graduating with my B.S. is in Nutrition and my M.S. in Exercise Science, I started my healthcare career as an exercise physiologist for a corporate wellness center. This was around the time that the internet was starting to become more widespread. I knew that this new tool would be a great channel to share health information with the world. Since my passion was to help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, I dove headfirst into learning how to post useful information online.

In 1999, I started my content strategy career at an academic medical center in Chicago where I was able to master my craft in all aspects of content strategy, from content development and governance to engineering and training to sharing and marketing.

Before joining CareContent, I built and led content strategy teams for an academic medical center in Chicago and two privately owned agencies that focus on user experience.

I am a firm believer that companies can be transformed by providing essential information at a specific time with the best approach tailored to their goals. As CareContent’s Vice President of Client Strategy, my roles are to lead client content strategy projects and explore ways to improve current service offerings and deliver new service offerings to help our clients achieve success. I believe that success is achieved through the right combination of partnership, consultation, and education in every aspect of building strong content.


Rebecca's Favorite Quote

Commit yourself to constant self improvement.

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