professional woman listens to podcast on phone

Podcasts Are On The Rise And Healthcare Organizations Should Take Notice

Solomon was right. There really is nothing new under the sun. Back in the 1930s, families spent time together by sitting around this cool new thingamajig called a radio listening to comedians, news, even soap operas. Then, technology advanced to televisions, computers, and now tablets and smartphones. But our love affair with listening has come…

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people working in an office

3 Ways To Increase Productivity — Yours And Your Team’s

You have 20+ items on your to-do list, looming deadlines, calendars packed with meetings (which will lead to more to-do items), colleagues asking for your feedback, people asking you for status updates on projects, and important personal life events to attend to (doctor’s appointments, kid’s school events). Does this sound familiar to you? It does…

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Crisis Management 101

Crisis Management 101 In The Healthcare Space: Is Your Organization Prepared?

Clean, orderly, and efficient — these are just a few of the words that probably come to mind when you think of the healthcare setting. But what happens when things go awry and a crisis hits your hospital, medical office, or other healthcare organization?  From security breaches to natural disasters, managing a crisis is a…

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millennial physicians

Content Takeover: If Millennial Physicians Aren’t Joining Your Medical Association, Try This

Dear Professional Medical Association Owner/Marketer/Etc., Are your membership numbers dropping? It might be because baby boomer physicians are retiring (more than a third of all active physicians will be 65 or older within the next 10 years) and millennial physicians are taking over. And they’re not joining medical associations in droves. Not everyone agrees on…

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From Our Team To Yours, Happy Thanksgiving

At CareContent, we are obsessed with work-life balance, so we know how important it is to spend time with your loved ones and to take a break from your daily routine. Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to love on your family and friends— and enjoy some great food while you’re at it. It…

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