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7 Healthcare Marketing Trends To Look Out For

When building a house, you need a strong foundation. Without it, the whole structure comes tumbling down.

In marketing, this foundation is your content strategy.

Having a strong content strategy means your house isn’t going to come toppling down if there’s a storm (like a communications crisis), or if you add an addition (like filming new patient testimonials). Your strong foundation also means that you don’t have to rebuild the whole house to keep up with current trends.

But once you’ve got that strong content strategy foundation, how do you know which trends are worth investing in and what’s just a passing fad? That wood paneling might have worked in the 70s, but it may be time for a renovation.

Here are 7 healthcare marketing trends to look out for — and to stay on top of.

7 healthcare trends infographic

Staying current with healthcare marketing trends is essential. Let the team at CareContent help you get started.