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Pump It Up: 7 Ways To Get Millennial Employees Moving

Disclaimer: This story was written by a Millennial.

If it seems like your office has been taken over by Millennial employees, you’re not going crazy. Projections put Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) as a dominating presence, making up over half of the American workforce by 2020.

You’ve probably heard the grumblings about them: They’re lazy, entitled, and overly sensitive.

Well, despite what you may have heard, this generation has shown it’s a force to be reckoned with in the workplace. Millennials tend to be highly educated, driven, open to feedback, and hungry for opportunities to improve their work. They’re loyal and hard-working—and are hopeful for the future.

There’s something else you may or may not know about Millennials: They are obsessed with self-care. They love exercising and focusing on their health.

This is where you have a golden opportunity.

Staying physically active is a major component of staying healthy. And it’s becoming a well-known fact that employees are more productive and have higher performance when they are healthy. So, with a workforce full of employees who are looking to stay active, it’s the perfect setup for employee physical activity programs.

Here are 7 ways to encourage physical activity for your Millennial employees (well, all of your employees).

Millennial employees

Improving employee health in the workplace is a great start, but how else can you keep up success in your business? Keep checking the CareContent blog for more tips on running a healthcare business.