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Quizzes Part 2: How To Make Quizzes That Actually Work For Your Content Strategy

It can feel like every day there is a new type of content you could be experimenting with. You may ask yourself, “Should my organization start a podcast? Are we missing out on connecting with Gen Z if we’re not on TikTok? Which new content tools are worth the time and investment — and which are not?”

There are so many different ways you can approach your content strategy based on the needs and scope of your organization.

But no matter what your approach is, interactive content can help give you that boost you’re looking for.

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Why Invest In Interactive Content?

  • Interactive content drives 100% more conversions than static content.
  • 77% of marketers say interactive content has “reusable” value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.
  • 96% of quiz takers who start a BuzzFeed quiz finish it.

Sources: HubSpot, OutGrow

One type of interactive content that we love at CareContent is a quiz. It’s simple, effective, informative — and it’s fun. We love making them, and our audience loves taking them.

Here are 3 tips that will help your organization create effective quizzes.

1. Choose A Quiz Tool That Works For Your Needs

There are many quiz tools available, but finding the right one is key. You want a tool that aligns with your needs and business goals.

Some things to consider before choosing a quiz platform:

  • Cost
  • Available analytics
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Ease of use or learning curve
  • Customizability and branding
  • How many quizzes you can create per month
  • Limits on the number of quiz submissions per month

Learn why quizzes should be a part of your content strategy with Quizzes: Part 1.

Don’t be afraid to experiment during a free trial. Make a joke quiz or two, so you can understand everything from the creation process to what submissions look like. If a quiz tool is difficult to use or its capabilities don’t match your organization’s goals, then that may not be the best platform for you.

2. Make It Personal — But Not Too Personal

If you’ve ever gotten sucked into a quiz with a title like “Tell Us Your Favorite Cheese And We’ll Tell You Your Astrological Sign,” you’re not alone. Well, maybe you are alone, but we’ve all taken a personality quiz that’s just as weirdly specific or absurd.

Social media is filled with personality quizzes, and some platforms have perfected the art. Everyone loves to learn more about themselves or test their knowledge.

One easy way to make your quizzes personal and compelling is to use the second person in your questions and use the second or first person in your quiz answers. This helps your reader feel more connected to the questions and results.

How To Use First And Second Person In Your Quiz Questions

1. The most important thing to determine BEFORE creating [your] quiz is:

a. What “success” will look like, so [I] can monitor aligning metrics
b. The purpose of [my] quiz
c. How many questions [my] quiz will have
d. What possible results a user can get

If someone on your team is particularly funny, have them write your funny quizzes. If someone on your team is in Generation Z, then it probably makes sense for them to write any quiz aimed at that audience. No one wants to be the Steve Buscemi of content strategy (“How do you do, fellow quiz takers?”).

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While you’re trying to be personal, what you don’t want is for your quiz to get too personal. Don’t ask for contact information like an email address unless you’re very transparent about how that information will be used.

3. Make Your Quiz — Or The Results — Shareable

The only thing better than taking the “Tell Us Your Favorite Cheese And We’ll Tell You Your Astrological Sign” quiz is sharing the result with your friends. Because everyone needs to know that my favorite cheese is Monterey Jack and that I’m an Aquarius.

While a silly example, the motivations underpinning it are true. Human beings love sharing things with each other. Food, supplies, photos of our vacation, bad-smelling candles — we want to share experiences with those who are closest to us.

Social media thrives on this desire, and quizzes can play a starring role.

Making the results of your quiz shareable is a low-effort way for your quiz to reach more people. Create a clear call to action on your quiz thank you or results page that allows the quiz taker to share their results to the social media of their choice. This is especially effective with knowledge quizzes and personality quizzes.

User-generated content is like free marketing. With a shareable quiz, you connect with people who may not already be in your audience — all without running an advertising campaign or coming off as pushy.

Are You Ready To Incorporate A Quiz Into Your Content Strategy?

Now that you’ve learned a couple of tips and tricks about quiz writing, test your own knowledge to see what you remember!

Contact CareContent if you’re interested in building content and quizzes that work. We’d love to work with you.