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Podcasting Part 2: 10 Must-Have Team Members For Your Podcast Production Team

Over fifteen years ago, Apple offered more than 3,000 free podcasts on iTunes. Now, the medium is one of the most popular ways to consume information — and everyone wants in on the action.

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Currently, there are nearly 2 million podcasts and over 47 million podcast episodes.

Source: PodcastInsights.com

However, producing a podcast is no easy feat. It requires a team that works together seamlessly.

The podcasting world is not just vast — it’s also diverse. Some podcasts release episodes every day and are backed by a large production team. Others are made in a basement and run by a couple of hardworking individuals.

CareContent produces Modern Healthcare’s Next Up, a twice-monthly podcast that empowers aspiring women healthcare leaders to reach new levels of success. We leverage our team members’ skills in order to produce engaging and inspiring content for healthcare leaders.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of dreaming up your podcast, or you’re a little farther along, here’s who you need on your podcast production team.


If you want to start your own healthcare podcast but don’t know how, let us help!