Physician Marketing: 6 Ways to End Self-Sabotage

In our last blog post, we featured an infographic about my personal quest to choose an obstetrician.

Before I made the final choice, there was another physician that I liked. I was this close to making an appointment. But I changed my mind after I called his office.

That got me thinking: Many physicians want more support and promotion from their healthcare organization’s marketing department. But what if the marketing department is doing everything right, yet the physician and his staff are turning patients off?


When I was choosing an obstetrician, one particular doctor’s marketing team had done everything right: The doc had a full bio with a 2-minute video describing how he approaches medical care for pregnant women. When I Googled his name, page one of the search results showed his awesome Yelp reviews and Top Doctor awards. All of his contact information was correct.

But, his staff made such a bad impression when I called that I chose another doctor.

Here’s the truth: If your medical staff doesn’t have good customer service, marketing will not help.

Not only will patients be turned off, but so will other physicians referring patients to you. Here are a couple of ways physicians can make sure that they are not sabotaging their own marketing: