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Fight Bias With Content Strategy [Webinar]

Shortcuts get us through the day and are usually harmless or helpful. But when they are built on bias — even unintentionally — they can become the exact opposite.

The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, forced Americans to take a close look at how racism is deeply ingrained into our culture. Protests erupted overnight and showed no signs of stopping. One of the themes that came up throughout the protests was implicit bias and those shortcuts that our minds take every day.

In this August 2020 webinar that I co-hosted, content strategy expert David Dylan Thomas used real-life examples to identify some particularly nasty biases that can lead website users to make poor decisions. He addressed how content creators and designers can use content strategy and design choices in apps, designs, and platforms to redirect or eliminate the impact of cognitive bias. We also explored our own biases as content strategists and some methods to prevent blind spots from misdirecting or even hurting our users.

David’s presentation is followed by an informative Q&A session.

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Chris Hester, Content Strategy Consultant

Jen O’Brien, Content Strategy Consultant

Kadesha Thomas Smith, Founder/CEO, CareContent

Guest Presenter

David Dylan Thomas

David Dylan Thomas
Content Strategy Advocate
Think Company

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