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How Healthcare Organizations Pivoted on Digital Strategy During COVID-19 [Webinar]

The COVID-19 pandemic is synonymous with “change.” Across the world, we’ve changed how we work and socialize, and how many rolls of toilet paper we add to our grocery lists. And in the world of healthcare content marketing, we have not been spared from change.

So, how exactly have healthcare organizations made changes to digital strategy during COVID-19?

On April 30th, I co-hosted How Healthcare Organizations Pivoted on Digital Strategy During COVID-19, a webinar with 50 participants and four digital marketing experts who shared their insight with the Chicago Content Strategy Meetup about how COVID-19 has challenged their teams to pivot, experiment, and learn new ways to reach their audiences.


Chris Hester, Content Strategy Consultant

Jen O’Brien, Content Strategy Consultant

Kadesha Thomas Smith, Founder/CEO, CareContent


Brande Martin

Brande Martin
Director of Digital Publishing
American Medical Association

Lisa Spengler

Lisa Spengler
Assistant Director of Digital Strategy
University of Chicago Medicine

Kimberly Arakelian
Director of Digital Content & Creative
Alzheimer’s Association

Stephanie Heying Bach
Director of UX

Watch: “How Healthcare Organizations Pivoted on Digital Strategy During COVID-19″

Watch below or view on YouTube.

Part 1: A Day in the Life
Part 2: Lessons Learned

Part 3: Successful Tactics
Part 4: Life After COVID-19

Part 5: Content Strategists

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