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Happy Thanksgiving From CareContent— What We’re Grateful For This Year

This past year has been filled with so much to be grateful for. From the hard work of doctors and nurses to the innovation of scientists to the widespread efforts to protect our communities from an ever-evolving pandemic — it has been a year of breakthroughs and blessings.

But 2021 has not been without its challenges, and it continues to be important to us at CareContent that we take the time to slow down and practice gratitude.

Kadesha — Founder and CEO

I am most thankful for my faith. Being able to pray and read Scripture during these crazy times has preserved my sanity. I’m also so thankful for my family. We’ve remained healthy and supportive of each other throughout this pandemic. I don’t take that for granted because I’ve also been to a lot of funerals this year. Lastly, I’m thankful for my wonderful team here at CareContent. I love the people I work with. They are genuinely super-talented, good people.

Brandies — VP, Client Strategy

Right now, I’m most thankful for being able to spend more time with my family. The pandemic has changed the way we work and live together dramatically. I’m so grateful to have all my loved ones still with me so far and the time that we get to be together — learning, growing, and loving one another along the way. Oh, and that yoga pants are now work-appropriate!

Crystal — Operations and Project Manager

So many things to be thankful for. Healthy family and friends are at the top of the list. A safe and warm home is up there too. The fact that we can share a laugh with someone, anyone really. That’s pretty great. I’m not sure if other living things are able to share that, but I hope so. Laughing makes life so much better. Sunscreen, plants, and beer. All so wonderful.

Lynette — Content Director

Family and physical and mental health will always be at the top of my list of things to be thankful for no matter the holiday. After this past year though, I find myself being thankful for a lot of the small-big things like sunrises and sunsets, ocean breezes, long walks, and just having an overall appreciation for nature — something we often take for granted. This pandemic has made us all slow down and take stock of our environment (or it should have). I am also tremendously grateful for CareContent and our gracious CEO who not only gives us all the flexibility we need but also makes working here feel more like a partnership.

Ros — Content Production Manager

It sounds super cliche, but I really am thankful for the health and happiness of me and my loved ones this year. This past year was challenging in many ways, but we all came through it, and for that I am grateful. I am grateful to live near my parents after many years of being a plane ride away from each other. I am grateful for my cats, Albie and Minnie (who LOVE taking pictures with me). And I am grateful for my work family, too, of course!

Sammi — UX Content Specialist

I was asked to write approximately 100 words about what I’m thankful for this year. I’ve now written 24 words. Here are the rest:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Safety from COVID-19
  • This job and team
  • My beautiful cat, Twyla
  • Schitt’s Creek — the best show ever made
  • Being cast in my first show in 2 years (Schoolhouse Rock LIVE)
  • Financial, food, and home security
  • My crazy dating stories. They make me popular at parties.
  • Health
  • Going on 13 years seizure-free (knock on wood)
  • My faith
  • Chocolate
  • Vaccines
  • My nephew, Teddy (yes, he’s family, but he gets counted separately because he’s so cute)

Natalie — Lead Content Specialist

I have so much to be thankful for this year. From my family to my friends to my supportive team here at CareContent, I am grateful for all the incredibly special people in my life. I’m also lucky to have my health — both physical and mental. These past few years more than ever, I’ve tried to really appreciate waking up each morning, being able to go for a run, and having healthy food to eat. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention my dog, Arya, who brings more joy to my life than she could ever know.

Meg — Web Content Specialist

This year, I am grateful for so much — my family, my friends, my partner, my health. I am grateful to live somewhere warm and to live with my best friend (finally) after 3 years of a multi-state, long-distance relationship. And this year, especially, I am grateful to have joined the CareContent team. They are smart, funny, and supportive people. Their pun game is unmatched, and they care about the work we do — and doing it well. And above all, they enable and empower me to bring my whole self to work each day.

Nicole — Multimedia Content Designer

This year, I am most thankful for health and science. As the saying goes, health is wealth, and I’ve felt very fortunate to have maintained mine during this time … probably more so now than ever before. And science — well, vaccinations for me and nearly my entire family have allowed us to return to (almost) a normal daily routine. A welcome change, indeed.

Cris — UX Designer/Web Developer

There are many things to be thankful for this year. First would be the health and well-being of my family. Next, the birth of my third child. Yet another would be the “new normal” of adjusting to work from home. Working from home allows me to see my kids throughout the day and be home for those special moments, such as when my 1-year-old daughter took her first steps or being able to walk my 6-year-old daughter to school every morning. It’s the small things that give us moments to be thankful for.

At CareContent, one thing we all share is gratitude for this amazing team. Learn more about who we are and how we can help your organization achieve its content goals.