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When Your Employee’s Personal Crisis Become Not-So-Personal, Support Can Go A Long Way

From managing workloads to putting out fires to watching your employees shine — you’re frequently called on to navigate your employees in plenty of work-related situations. But sometimes, you may need to guide an employee through a personal crisis — especially if it begins to impact their work. Whether it’s the loss of a loved…

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Jennifer Martin, CareContent

Emoji Outreach: How To Touch A Millennial Employee’s Heart <3

Start texting with a Millennial, and you’ll quickly find your conversation peppered with goofy faces, unicorns, flying pizzas, and even an occasional pile of poo. The visual fusillade is hard to escape. Emojis have plastered the globe, and that’s a direct result of the digital revolution: More than 85% of Millennials own a smartphone, Nielsen…

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Read/Watch/Listen/Follow: Content We’re Into (August 2016)

As content creators, we’re constantly on the hunt for interesting and inspiring stories from wherever we can find them—the internet, a podcast, television. This enables us not only to keep up with but to lead relevant conversations on the people, events, and discoveries that are impacting our world. Here’s what we’ve been devouring lately. Kadesha,…

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11 Skills All Healthcare Content Creators Need

CareContent is constantly looking for good content creators, and I recently realized that we have uncommonly high standards. Just because a person says she loves content, has a degree in writing or journalism, and comes with prior experience does not mean she will cut it on our team. Some candidates are strong in one area…

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The New Healthcare Marketing Team: Your SEO Genius

Search engine optimization (SEO) seems like one of those elements of digital marketing that many healthcare marketers are only vaguely familiar with. But, SEO is not something that healthcare organizations can dismiss. Patients are depending on search engines for healthcare decisions.