COVID-19: Creating Content During Crisis

Covid-19 has put healthcare marketers in a tough spot. On one hand, your healthcare organization’s digital team can’t pump out content fast enough. Other teams aren’t regularly putting out anything because the information changes too much. Others are posting conflicting information because there’s no internal alignment.

All of this indicates one major issue: A lack of content governance.

That means no defined process of how to produce and publish content has been established. This short video from Kadesha Thomas Smith, CEO of CareContent, and Rebecca Steurer, CareContent’s VP of Client Strategy, will cover:

  • How to use your website as an informational tool
  • The 3 key ingredients for a governance plan
  • A content production process that covers all bases

If your team is looking to streamline your COVID-19 content plans, talk to us. We’d love to set up an intro call.

COVID-19 Content Plan

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