Brand Journalism

Be the Go-To Resource for Health and Medical News

You remember how previous generations made sure to check the newspaper everyday? What if your organization had a site that inspired the same urgency? That’s what brand journalism is.

A brand journalism site is your healthcare organization’s online newsroom, offering expert insights and useful information on the more relevant healthcare and medical topics.

Unlike newspapers, a healthcare brand journalism site should only cover topics that match the organization’s goals and strategic content priorities. The goal is to build a relationship with current patients and those who may become patients in the future.


Top 4 Reasons To Embrace Brand Journalism

  1. When patients think of healthcare experts, you want them to think of your brand
  2. Your organization is full of stories about awesome people doing awesome things. Why wait for the media to notice?
  3. You want to be known as a thought leader, offering useful, credible information to counter all the myths floating around.
  4. Your healthcare organization has a ton of content—press releases, brochures, print newsletters. The brand journalism site could be a place to reign in and repurpose existing content.

What We Do

Content strategy: We’ll create or follow your healthcare organization’s content strategy or digital marketing strategy to establish success metrics, a content calendar, and a workflow for the brand journalism site.

Content creation: This is by far the hardest part of brand journalism—creating enough content to post at least daily. Without a dedicated team, this will become a rat race. Our team can develop topics, interview your clinicians, and create the right format—maybe it’s a feature article, an infographic or a radio-style audio interview.

Content promotion: We’ll develop an intense promotion plan—with lots of tricks and tools—to ensure that your content gets out there and draws engagement.

Content analytics: We’ll deliver a regular report of how the content is performing and constant ideas for improvement.

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