Content Analytics

Analytics: It’s Not That Scary

At its core, content analytics means asking key questions about how your content is performing: Is your blog reaching the right audiences? Is your patient guide prompting people to make an appointment? Is your social media driving traffic to the right web pages? Why is your traffic changing?

Regularly tracking content analytics can help your healthcare organization do more of what’s working and course correct on things that need improvement.

Most importantly analytics is your justification for why your content marketing efforts are important and worth the investment.

Soapbox: It’s definitely time for healthcare marketing teams to stop ignoring the need for tactics that can be tracked. Yes, you majored in communications. Yes, you hate numbers and spreadsheets. You love algorithms like you love going to the dentist. But any marketing effort without a proven value is not worth the time.


What We Do

For clients who have also contracted us for content creation and promotion services, we can cull data from several analytics tools about how well your content marketing effort is working.

We can then share that data in beautiful, regular reports that answer the most pressing analytics questions and offer ideas for optimizing the content for even more engagement.

We also stay abreast of changes and trends in content analytics and marketing to understand how they might be impacting your traffic and calls to action.

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