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Promoting the Smart Way

Healthcare social media is only one way to promote your content—and it’s not enough.

Some people think that creating more and more content is the way to drive relevant traffic. Not us. Our approach is to only create content that you can avidly promote.

What is a healthcare content promotion plan? A set of steps you’ll test over a specific time frame to drive relevant traffic to your content.

Whether it’s a patient guide, a podcast, or a blog—if you don’t have a promotion plan, then don’t create the content. The most robust promotion plans include at least a dozen steps per piece of content.

icon-content-promotion-calloutPosting only on Facebook isn't enough to reach your target audience

4 Ways People Initially Find Your Web Content

  1. Search engines: Content ranks on page 1 of Google
  2. Social media: Content appears on Facebook, Twitter, or other feeds
  3. Email: People have opted to receive content in their inbox
  4. Placement: Content is mentioned or linked on another site or location

What We Do

Three words: research, execute, track. Promotion plans are usually part of the content strategy. If you already have a documented content strategy, our content promotion services include taking a deeper dive into the most effective and creative tactics for promoting your content.

This includes researching and executing the following:

Keyword plan: Search engines have consistently emerged as one of the top sources of traffic for our clients. We use several tools to define the keywords for which your content could reasonably obtain a high search ranking.

Placement tactics: Are there influencers or venues that are already successfully engaging your audience? Let’s dive into how we can leverage their success for your content. And it might not be another website. Maybe it’s a popular conference or location in your hospital.

Social media recommendations: Posting to your Facebook page is fine, but it’s not enough unless you’re a celebrity. Or maybe Facebook is not the right venue. Let us unpack the social media steps that can get your content in front of the right people.

Email marketing: Email newsletters that link back to a blog, patient guide, or some other web content is still one of the top ways to get an audience engaged with your content.

Tool recommendations: If there are plugins, apps or other tools that can boost engagement, we’ll find them and walk you through why they may or may not be worth including in your promotion plan.

We guarantee you’ll walk away with at least 20 steps to promote your content.

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