Content Strategy

Why Content Marketing Strategy is Important

A content marketing strategy is like a grocery list. Without it, you’ll end up buying too much stuff, cooking bad stuff, or forgetting stuff.

At its core, a content strategy should give your content these key ingredients:

  1. An overarching mission
  2. A set of clear goals
  3. A deep dive into your target audience
  4. A plan for how the content will be managed and governed

When you know your mission, your goals, and your target audience, you can do a wonderful thing: say no. When doctors, clinical staff, or administrators demand web content that does not align with your mission, meet your goals, or consider your target audience, you have a documented right to say, “Sorry, that’s not in sync with our online goals or our target audience.”

This way, you can keep your content lean and meaningful, avoiding those painful audits on pages of worthless content.

Our Content Strategy Services Include:


What We Do

We partner up with your marketing team to develop and maintain a thorough content strategy. This includes:

Digging in to define the goals: Through stakeholder interviews and workshops, we can align everyone’s wish list into a concrete set of clearly defined content marketing goals.

Teasing out the target audience: Through in-depth interviews, social listening and other research efforts, we can illuminate what your target audience really cares about, what they want from your content and the best ways to give it to them.

Assessing your resources: Managing content is a huge job. Through stakeholder interviews we’ll outline a governance plan for how the content will stay functional and relevant.

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