Healthcare and Hospital Podcasts: And We’re Live in 5…4…3…2…

Radio might be dead, but its ultra-modern cousin is alive and well.

A podcast is one of the best formats to showcase your clinicians’ personalities and expertise. Ideally, a podcast is a conversation between a subject matter expert and someone who represents your target audience.

The goal is to ask the questions your patient audience wants answered, maybe even those that they’re embarrassed to ask. It’s a great vehicle to allow new and prospective patients to get a glimpse of what to expect during their appointment.


Your healthcare should switch to podcasting if…

  1. Your new website’s CMS can support audio content
  2. You’re buying radio ads but you’re not sure if they’re effective
  3. You can think of several clinicians, right now, who are just awesome to talk to
  4. You’re trying to reach a younger audience
  5. You’re on a mission to change a brand perception to be more patient-friendly

What We Do

Content strategy: We’ll create or follow your healthcare organization’s content strategy or digital marketing strategy to establish the tone and format for the podcast, success metrics, a podcast calendar, and a workflow.

Content creation: Let’s get on the air. Our team will conduct a talk radio style interview with your subject matter expert, and add all the trimmings: intro music, editing the blips, and a call to action.

Content promotion: We’ll develop a tactical plan to ensure that the podcast reaches your key patient audiences and keeps them listening—from start to finish.

Content analytics: We’ll deliver a regular report of how well the podcast is keeping the patient audience engaged and ready to make an appointment.

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