The Power of a Good Healthcare or Medical Blog

A blog is a consistent feed of content from your organization’s perspective. Healthcare and medical blog content includes features, news, infographics, slideshows, interactive quizzes and audio interviews—that benefits your patients in 2 ways:

  1. It informs them (“Tell me what I need to know.”).
  2. It encourages them (“Tell me it will be okay.”).

A steady stream of useful in-depth content puts your healthcare organization in the relationship-building business. This means you connect with 2 patient types:

  1. Current patients who will keep coming back
  2. Prospective patients who will keep you in mind when making an appointment

We don’t just mimic the typical general health and wellness blog. We specialize in niche blogs that focus on a particular concept or patient population.

icon-blog-stat-image59% of US adults search for health and medical info online

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Blogs Are Awesome:

  1. Helps your healthcare organization attract new patients and stay in touch with current ones
  2. Increases brand awareness as more of your targeted patient population begins relying on your blog as a resource
  3. Shares your hospital’s perspective on current healthcare news
  4. Helps educate your patients, particularly those who are blindsided with a life-changing medical condition
  5. Boosts your chances of being found online, particularly when prospective pages are using a search engine or social media

What We Do

Healthcare marketing teams are already busy enough. So for our clients’ blogs, we do everything:

Content strategy: We’ll start by planning how your content will meet your target audience’s needs and your organization’s goals.

Content creation: We’ll define topics that resonate with your audience. We also take care of the hard part—creating the content. That means we’ll do the research, reporting, writing, and design. We even interview your clinicians and handle the approval process.

Content promotion: We’ll create and execute a robust tactical plan to distribute your content through the appropriate vehicles and mediate social media comments.

Content analytics: We’ll deliver regular dashboard of how the strategy is working, including tests to boost engagement.

All your marketing team has to do is:

  • Select clinicians who want to be featured
  • Approve the content strategy and final blog post draft
  • Review proposed responses to interesting comments on social media or the blog interface

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