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Healthcare and Social Media: A Winning Match

Is your healthcare organization’s social media feed full of stock photos, boring announcements, and other content that rarely gets engagement?

Or is posting to social media something that your marketing team does just to say they did it.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Social media is about being that go-to resource. It’s about sparking and participating in conversations on topics that match your target audience’s needs and your organization’s goals. Here’s where you build trusting relationships that translate into patient volume.

icon-social-media-stat-imageOver 40% of us say social media affects healthcare decisions

5 Incredible Stats About Social Media And Healthcare

  1. 41% of adults say social media content influences where they go for healthcare.
  2. Daily Facebook posts lead to more encounters with current patients, prospective patients, and their caregivers—but less than 40% of hospitals post daily.
  3. Facebook is a quality indicator for patients. Hospitals with more “Likes” tend to have lower mortality rates. Hospitals with higher ratings on Facebook tends to mean the hospital has lower 30-day readmissions.
  4. Only 25% of social media content from healthcare organizations focuses on patient issues.
  5. Only 26% of hospitals were active on social media in 2012.

What We Do

Content strategy: A strong healthcare social media presence is a mix of microblogging and dialogue. We’ll jumpstart your healthcare organization’s social media program by defining your most relevant audiences, the most effective vehicles to reach those audiences, and the most relevant messages and information they need to get engaged. We’ll also hammer out a social media content calendar to guide the content creation.

Content creation: Microblog content. Mini-infographics. Powerful quotes. Visuals. Social media content is informative, fun—and time-consuming. We’ll handle the research, interviews, and visual design for your content, so your team doesn’t have to.

Content promotion: True or false: If you post it, they will come. False. Social media’s changes to organic reach requires time and thoughtful approach to how your healthcare organization’s content will reach the right people. We’ll test and track which tactics work, so you can focus only on what works.

Content analytics: We’ll pull together a regular report of social media insights to tell you about your audience’s demographics, key interests, information habits—all with the goal of building your online community.

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