Landing Pages

Make Your Hospital’s Landing Pages Informational and Actionable

If your healthcare website is full of pages that have …

  • No target audience
  • No call to action
  • No other content except text and stock photos
  • No way to capture the visitor’s information
  • No search engine optimization
    … then, they’re probably not useful.

The pages on your hospital website should be informational, yet they should also sway visitors to do something—like request an appointment, download a patient guide, or subscribe to a blog. That way, you can capture their information and continue communicating with them.

icon-webpages-stat-image77% of Americans start at Google, which loves great, new content

5 Ways To Make Web Pages Convert

  1. Put your “hero shot”—that compelling image of your docs and/or patients—center stage.
  2. Include a clear call to action with a button that links to the action you want visitors to take. Note: Extra points if it’s near the hero shot. Visitors are more likely to click with the visual nearby.
  3. Create a concise, powerful headline that’s optimized for search.
  4. Give the people what they want. State why your services rock and what your patients get out of it in an easy-to-digest manner. Bullet points, anyone?
  5. Provide an easy-to-complete form.

What We Do

Content strategy: Ideally your web pages are part of an overarching content strategy that defines exactly what type of content your website visitors want. For highly-targeted web pages, we’ll talk to your clinicians, stakeholders and patients. We’ll work with your web team to define the goals.

Content creation: Your patients hate clinical jargon. And so do we. We leave the clinical stuff to A.D.A.M. Our goal is to create web page content that offers all of the necessary information to prompt the visitor to answer the call to action. It has to strike the right tone and hopefully include a variety of formats.

Promotion: We outline specific ways to draw relevant visitors to your healthcare website’s most targeted pages—and we can get pretty darn creative.

Content analytics: We bake in SEO with keyword-focused content tailored to humans so your target audience can find your content when they need it. To make sure they’re finding it, we conduct A/B testing, and dig into the analytics to see which performed the best and tweak from there.

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