Microsites Deep Dive Into a Specific Topic for a Specific Audience

Some healthcare topics need more than just a few web pages. If these topics are part of your organization’s strategic goals, then a microsite may be the ideal space for patients to get their questions answered.

A microsite is a spin-off of your main website, dedicated to a single topic, targeting a very specific patient audience—like a microsite for transplant recipients.

The microsite can offer 101 basics and go on to cover more advanced information. At its best, a microsite can improve the interactions your patients have with your healthcare organization’s clinicians. If patients get the general information first, they can spend their clinician face-time asking more personal questions.

Let's say the microsite is dedicated to a particular chronic condition. You can ...

5 Ways to make a microsite useful for patients

Let’s say the microsite is dedicated to a particular chronic condition. You can…
  1. House downloadable toolkits for patients, like checklists or a patient guides
  2. Cover patient information at each stage, from initial diagnosis to management.
  3. Include information for those who are indirectly involved—spouses, family caregivers
  4. Offer content to them navigate the social, financial and emotional challenges of their condition.
  5. Give contact information to put them directly in touch with someone who can help

What We Do

Content strategy: We wouldn’t even think about creating a microsite without first talking to the patients who are intended to use it. The content absolutely has to meet the patient’s informational needs. From there, we complete a site map for the content and draft governance plan.

Content creation: We’ll collaborate with your stakeholders and clinical experts to create content that equips patients to make decisions and ask more personal questions about their condition. The content could include a variety of formats, each with a specific call to action.

Content promotion: We’ll develop a tactical plan to promote the site to the target patient audience and a workflow for following up with patients who express an interest in your services.

Content analytics: We’ll deliver a regular report of how well the calls to action are performing.

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