Patient Guides

Patient Guides Give Patients Answers—Before They Ask

Do your clinicians answer the same questions over and over? Or maybe there’s a new procedure that’s complicated to explain. Digital patient guides go in-depth about a particular medical condition or treatment.

They answer the questions that can bog down face time with clinicians. They help patients wrap their heads around life-changing medical conditions and complicated treatment plans. They’re a great alternative to handouts and brochures that too often get tossed or buried in a closet.

icon-patient-guides-statWith digital patient guides, people get instant answers to their most common questions.

5 Reasons Why Digital Patient Guides Are Awesome:

  1. Your marketing team can collect patients’ email addresses and other personal information before they download.
  2. Your clinical teams can offer patients really detailed general information that often saps time during appointments.
  3. Patients get to know how your healthcare organization will approach their care beforehand.
  4. Unlike brochures and handouts, you can track engagement with ebooks and digital patient guides.
  5. Save money on printing and mailing.

What We Do

In-depth interviews and research: The key to a useful ebook is finding out exactly what patients want to know. So we take time to do in-depth interviews with patients who fit your healthcare organization’s target audience. We also interview your stakeholders and clinicians to make sure the content highlights your healthcare organization’s unique approach to patient care and meets your goals.

Content creation: We draft the content based on our research, develop design and layout concepts, and manage the review and approval process among your healthcare organization’s’ stakeholders and clinicians.

Content promotion: Most healthcare organizations spend all this time and money developing an ebook or patient guide. Then they believe publishing it automatically will bring in traffic. Not so. Like any other content, ebooks and digital patient guides need heavy promotion and proper distribution to the relevant audience.

Content analytics: We’ll measure whether the promotion plan is influencing people to answer the call to action.

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