Patient Stories

Let Patient Stories Tout Your Hospital’s Greatness

If social media is a conversation, patient stories are megaphones. They’re one of your healthcare organization’s best bets for in-depth, word-of-mouth promotion.

Patient stories give prospective patients a sense of hope and a preview of what care is like at your healthcare organization. They also highlight high-stakes outcomes from your most brilliant clinicians.

icon-patient-stories-stat-imageYour patients can connect the dots for others to your organization's actual healthcare experience

5 Reasons Why Patient Stories Are A Must

  1. Your healthcare organization’s care and services get an instant endorsement.
  2. They are great accessories for your healthcare organization’s service line landing pages.
  3. If done correctly, they can provide a ton of content for your blog and social media vehicles.
  4. They highlight the human side of your hospital and your clinicians.
  5. They can counter any poor reviews on sites like Yelp.

What We Do

In-depth interviews and research: We’ll spend time talking to your star patients and the clinical team to create a compelling narrative about their medical condition and treatment.

Content creation: We’ll tie that research together into a story with various formats—infographics, slideshows, and narrative writing. We also manage the review and approval process among all the quoted sources and your healthcare organizations’ stakeholders.

Content promotion: Patient stories need a promotion plan, like any other web content. We’ll create and implement a promotion and distribution plan to get the patient stories in front of other prospective patients.

Content analytics: Our regular analytics reports answer one question: Are the promotion tactics working. Well, two questions actually. The second is what can we do to drive more relevant traffic.

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