Physician Bios

Physician Bios That Help Patients Choose

Nearly 80% of patients diagnosed with a chronic disease sought the Internet to make their care decisions. Excellent physician bios can help them choose your healthcare organization.

No more dry rundowns of degrees, credentials, and publications. Patients want to feel like they know who they’re making an appointment with and how that physician will approach their care—before they make an appointment.

Robust bios are a great way to give an intimate snapshot of your rockstar physicians.

icon-physician-bios-stat-imageNearly 80% of patients with a chronic disease sought info online

5 Ways To Make Physician Bios Awesome

  1. Capture the physician’s personality, not just the professional background.
  2. Stop it with the stale white-coat photos on a gray background.
  3. Make sure they are search engine optimized—especially for the physician’s name, specialties, and location.
  4. Include multimedia, like a short video or slideshow.
  5. Include relevant links to service line landing pages, patient stories, positive Yelp reviews, or the physician’s blog posts.

What We Do

In-depth interviews and research: Sure, we could do the typical conference call, but we take it a step further. We tap into other sources who can share information about the physician’s personality, approach to medical care, and useful information for prospective patients.

Content creation: A strong bio ties in several content formats—writing, graphic design, even multimedia to keep patients engaged. After creating the content in all of its appropriate formats, we manage the review and approval process among your healthcare organization’s stakeholders and clinicians.

Content promotion: If the physician bio contains really great, useful information, everyone should know. We’ll create and implement a promotion and distribution plan to get the physician bios in front of the audience you most want to reach.

Content analytics: We’ll deliver a regular report to see where traffic is originating and how we can drive more.

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