Launch your healthcare organization’s new website in 2020


Prioritizing your healthcare organization’s website can be tough. It often falls into that elusive bucket of “important, but not urgent.” 

Your team is already too stretched playing whack-a-mole with ASAP tasks. But you know your healthcare organization’s website is your front door and one of your best growth vehicles. It cannot wait anymore.

CareContent’s 2020 Goal Rush is a special effort to help a handful of hospitals, health systems, or medical associations create detailed roadmaps for launching their new website in 2020 at no charge.

If your organization is selected, there’s no charge for the service, and you’ll know the exact steps, people, budget and time frame needed to launch a new website — with new content, a new design, and even a new provider directory — in 2020.

Let’s start with an intro call. If selected, we’ll get started right away on your healthcare organization’s roadmap for launching a new site next year.

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