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Katie Brandt

Content and Conversion Strategist

I’ve always been a curious person. At age 7, I challenged my younger brother to put his hand under the water cooler’s red tap because I wanted to know how hot it was. (I subsequently found out what happens when you go to an emergency room for a severe burn. Sorry, Nick!)

A few years later, as a journalism intern at a major medical center, I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with surgeons to watch them insert electrodes on a child’s brain to stop his seizures. And not long after that as an assistant editor, I raced in an ambulance with a transplant team as they procured a heart for a patient in need.

In each scenario, I watched and listened in awe, gaining a greater understanding of how our world works and what it means to be human. These experiences highlighted for me how health affects all of our lives.

Before starting at CareContent, I studied journalism, Spanish, and English at Ohio University, where I interned for a research magazine. My editor recommended me to an editor at the University of Chicago Medicine, and my career as a medical writer began. I haven’t looked back since.

From infectious disease to neurology, transplant medicine to oncology, I’ve written about many complex health issues in the hopes of helping others better understand and access the advances of modern medicine. But writing about health involves more than explaining complicated science—it’s storytelling.

Telling the story is only half the battle, though. At CareContent, I strive to educate, tell stories, and make an impact on people’s lives. Once a piece is written, I love following its journey across social media—noting how readers interact with it and which stories resonate with different audiences.

When not glued to the wonderful world of the internet, I love hiking with my dogs, practicing photography, and traveling. My husband and I (plus our dogs) just returned from a 9-month, 18,000-mile road trip in an RV, during which we visited 23 states. For part of the trip, my younger brother was generous enough to host us at his home in California—despite that time I sent him to the ER.

Favorite Quote
"There are as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe."
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos

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