Healthcare Content Marketing & Channel Strategy

Content marketing is the practice of connecting with your key audiences by sharing insight, information, and instructions.

Healthcare content marketing is all about offering a steady cadence of content that provides your audience with information and insight to help them address a challenge, solve a problem, complete a task, or answer a question. It’s not about selling. It’s not about promoting your organization and your gee-whiz services. It’s about helping the audience.


Content Marketing & Channel Strategy

A plan to help your audience and reach your growth goals by sharing insight, information, and instructions.


Providing a steady feed of content that helps your audience is key for supporting a strong brand and earning their loyalty. The purpose of starting with a strategy is to ensure that your content marketing efforts are not wasted on spraying out content that no one cares about. The strategy aligns your healthcare organization’s content marketing around defined audiences, goals, and key messages.


Your healthcare organization needs a content marketing and channel strategy when your key audiences:

  • Have lots of ongoing questions about a challenge that your product or service addresses
  • Are looking online to get answers about this challenge and you want to connect with them
  • Look to you as an expert or thought leader, and you want to keep it that way


Creating a healthcare content marketing and channel strategy also establishes the workflow of how the content will be produced, how often, which channels will be used to share it, and how the content’s performance will be evaluated.

Content marketing is about the audience. Not you.

We understand content marketing can be a major shift for healthcare clients who first come to us with a default of talking about themselves, their services — and seeing no engagement. We’re here to guide your team toward the mindset shift that prioritizes your audience’s informational needs, while still supporting your healthcare organization’s strategic goals.

We create content marketing and channel strategies through a proven process that leads to success:

Step One: Define the vision, strategic goals, and target audiences.

Step Two: Discover your audience needs and define your business goals by conducting interviews with the audience and stakeholders.

Step Three: Design a strategy and content calendar that identifies the pillar topics and key messages

Step Four: Identify which channels to use for each message type and the posting schedule for each channel

Step Five: Outline key performance indicators to ensure we’re on the right track

Step Six: After launch, constantly monitor and optimize the content and channel to make sure our efforts are supporting the business goals  

What To Look For In A Strategic Partner

Look for an organization that cares about your target audience. All the messaging in the world won’t be effective unless draws the audience.

Sounds basic, right? But it tends to get overlooked. Most digital agencies cut corners by not talking directly to your audience, preferring instead to include only the input from senior leadership. That’s important, but it’s only part of the process. 

Look for a partner who will:

  • Push-the-envelope to help you work on weaknesses and build on strengths in your strategic thinking
  • Thoroughly assess your current content efforts — and not be afraid to tell you there’s spinach in your teeth
  • Think bigger and better when it comes to optimizing your content

Also, look for a partner who will not:

  • Inflate your timeline with unnecessary meetings, deliverables, and presentations
  • Give you basic ideas that won’t exceed your expectations
  • Leave you once the project is done

Contact us for an intro call to discuss whether CareContent is the right partner to help your healthcare organization create a results-focused content marketing and channel strategy.