Healthcare Digital Experience Strategy

Your audiences expect to interact with your healthcare organization online. That means your digital experience must have a strategy that unites your paid and organic digital outreach, website content, and online-to-offline interactions.

Hate to start off negative, but the worst-case scenario happens when your healthcare organization’s digital presence draws the audience to a broken experience. For example: 

  • Your remarketing campaign successfully promotes your new online scheduling tool—but the provider’s staff didn’t honor the appointment.
  • Your members call for a consultation—only to be left on hold. 
  • Your provider directory helps patients find a doctor—but she’s booked for the next three months. 
  • Your lead generation campaign gets people to fill out the form to download the white paper—but it leads to an error message.
  • Your new clinical service line content is performing well in search—but the phone numbers to make an appointment are all wrong.


Digital Experience Strategy

A plan to ensure that your healthcare organization’s digital outreach and website content support your growth goals by leading to frictionless offline interactions with key audiences.


A successful digital presence starts with a solid strategy. When we develop a healthcare digital experience strategy, we start with 3 core elements:

  • Target Audience(s): Who are you trying to reach and what do they care about?
  • Strategic Business Goals: What is your healthcare organization trying to achieve and by what deadline date? What growth opportunities is your healthcare organization pursuing?
  • Key Messages: What needs to be conveyed to connect with your audience and achieve your business goals?

Digital experience strategy blends patient or user experience with digital marketing and content strategy to erase friction in your audiences’ online interactions with your healthcare organization. This is particularly as your content and promotion tactics aim to turn your audience’s online interactions into offline conversions.

Creating a digital experience strategy is a joint effort that can involve your healthcare organization’s marketing, operations, strategy teams collaborating with our team’s content strategy and user experience experts. Together, we take those key interactions you’re looking to draw from your audience, and we create a plan to Uberize them (yes, that’s a word). This includes a roadmap to fix the online and offline friction points to ensure a smooth, pleasant experience. The next step is implementing the roadmap in small iterative steps that allow for immediate feedback, testing, and course correction.


Signs that your healthcare organization needs a digital experience strategy:

  • Your marketing team does not have regular communication with strategy, operations, clinical leaders or other key areas of your healthcare organization
  • Your digital outreach and web content are not grounded in strategic goals
  • You’re struggling to turn online engagement into offline interactions like appointments, memberships, consultations or other conversions
  • Your experience is not seamless. Your audiences have to go through hoops — like delays, extra steps, or error messages — when they answer your calls to action
  • You’re missing conversion opportunities because your digital presence is disjointed


What To Look For In A Strategic Partner

First and foremost, look for a partner that cares about your target audience. Sounds basic, right? But it tends to get overlooked.

Most digital agencies cut corners by not talking directly to your audience, preferring instead to only include input from senior leadership.

Also, look for a partner who will:

  • Challenge you (especially to be bold)
  • Thoroughly assess your current efforts — and not be afraid to tell you there’s spinach in your teeth
  • Be comfortable  turning vague, nebulous goals and ideas into concrete concepts and action steps
  • Save you time and not require handholding
  • Be just as excited by your success as you will

Lastly, look for a partner who will not:

  • Inflate your timeline with unnecessary meetings, deliverables, and presentations
  • Give you basic ideas that you could have come up with yourself
  • Leave you once the project is done

We develop digital experience strategies to make every digital touchpoint line up with your messages, strategic goals, and your audience’s expectations. Contact us to discuss whether we’re the right partner to help your healthcare organization create its first digital experience strategy.