Healthcare Website Overhauls

Your healthcare website overhaul should start with a commitment to the content-first approach. At CareContent, we’re here to help.

Your healthcare website is more than your front door. It’s your first impression. If your audience thinks your website is janky, they may pass a similar judgment about your organization as a whole. (Janky = bad, by the way).

Ideally, your website should give such a strong impression that it leads to some kind of face-to-face interaction — an appointment, an event, a consult, whatever your strategic goal is. Unfortunately, a lot of healthcare organizations discover that their website does not pave that path clearly.

Visitors get lost. And leave.

Content-First Approach To Healthcare Websites

It looks like they focused more on making it pretty rather than making it useful.

(Ouch.) Feedback on a hospital website before CareContent did a content-first redesign

There are lots of reasons why your healthcare website might be due for an overhaul — from out-of-date content and clunky design to poor search rankings. At the end of the day, any number of bad website design and development practices can lead visitors straight to your competitor.

In order to get them back on the right track — or, better yet, to prevent them from wandering off in the first place — your website might need a complete overhaul.

That overhaul must start with the content.

What’s The Content-First Approach To Healthcare Websites?

Websites used to be about the visual experience. During a redesign, web agencies would present gorgeous mockups as one of their first deliverables, then go straight to coding.

Content was an afterthought, if it was thought of at all.

However, that’s changed. Content is by far the most important element of your website, next to the user experience.

  • When users have a question about your healthcare organization, your website’s content should answer them.
  • When search engines crawl your site, they are ranking your content.
  • When designers make your site beautiful, they can do a more appropriate design if they know the content.
  • When you promote your site on social media, it’s the content people will share.
  • When you run analytics on your site, you’re looking at how your content is performing.

Design is important and all, but it’s about the content first.

Taking the content-first approach means coming up with a solid content strategy — a plan that spells out the key target audiences, the organizational goals, the key messages, and how the content will merge those three.

Your Healthcare Organization’s Website Needs A Content-First Overhaul — Now What?

Choosing The Right Vendor

Some organizations prefer a one-stop shop for their healthcare website overhaul needs. Others are okay going to several different vendors, each with its own specialty — like design or content creation or SEO.

Deciding which path to take depends in part on how much bandwidth your organization has to manage multiple vendors. But, ideally, a one-stop shop — or having one vendor do the bulk of the work and manage any other vendors — prevents issues that could stall the timeline.

Balancing Vendor Price And Value

“RFP” stands for “Request for Proposal.” But when you’re looking for strong content writers, it may as well stand for “Really Freaking Pointless.”

Many times, RFPs seem like the best way to go to choose the right vendor. But RFPs tend to force marketing departments to go with the lowest bidder. In the world of website overhauls, you get what you pay for.

Going with the lowest bidder is not always the best value — especially if the cheapest option doesn’t meet your organization’s website needs. Understanding what goes into the cost of a website overhaul can make it clearer why price and value are not always the same.

For instance, certain factors — like an aggressive timeline — will probably make the process more expensive. This is because it requires your vendor to bring more people on board to complete the site faster. On the other hand, a longer timeline allows your vendor to complete the process in phases without having to bring on extra hands at an added cost.

Looking At Content Creation As An Investment

The most important thing to remember about the price of a website overhaul has to do with the fact that content creation is an investment, not just a cost.

If you have an agency that is willing to assess your content, roll up their sleeves, and recreate it for you so that your website can rank on search engines and meet your target audience’s needs, it becomes clear that a website overhaul is actually an investment in your organization’s future.

Getting The Right People On Board At Your Organization

Getting leadership buy-in for the overhaul is important. The best way to get them to see the importance of a website overhaul is to include them in the process early on. That way, they know they are an integral part of the project — and that their opinions are being heard.

Your organization’s marketing team should be involved in this process as well. So should subject matter experts — the people who can give your vendor the types of information needed to really flesh out the content.


Why Choose CareContent To Overhaul Your Healthcare Website?

As a healthcare organization, you have a responsibility to help people. Your organization’s website is a good way to do that, especially with the right mix of content for consumers, professionals, and clinicians.

We personalize the steps for our website overhaul process in order to best serve each organization’s needs. This process typically involves:

  • Conducting discovery interviews with both key stakeholders at your organization as well as target audience members
  • Developing a content strategy, which includes a proposed information architecture (IA) — an outline of the new site’s content and organization
  • Writing content briefs for the different pages outlined in the IA, detailing what types of information will be included on each page
  • Building wireframes (blueprints of the new page layouts)

Once these steps are complete, we’ll start creating the content for your new site. This means conducting interviews with subject matter experts at your organization, as well as incorporating background research from up-to-date, reputable sources. And we always provide you with an opportunity to approve the content before it goes live on the new website.

In fact, none of this happens in a vacuum. We present the content strategy, IA, content briefs, and wireframes to you as they are completed. And we incorporate your feedback throughout this process, from our initial introduction to your organization all the way through the new site’s launch date and beyond.

We’re Experts At What We Do

Many companies offer content creation services. So, why should you choose CareContent?

At CareContent, we take pride in the fact our staff members do not just have the skills — they have the passion. Each person on staff has a desire to help others through spreading comprehensive, educational, and engaging content about health and medicine.

Our goal isn’t solely to create content. It’s to create content that can make a difference.

And isn’t that what every health organization wants?

Ready to get started on making that difference? The experts at CareContent are here to discuss your organization’s needs and goals, and to create a one-of-a-kind website overhaul. Contact us