Video Strategy & Production

In today’s multimedia world, it’s really not about IF your healthcare organization’s web presence needs video — it’s about HOW you’ll produce video content and incorporate it into your healthcare organization’s digital strategy.

Video is great because it gives a human face and voice to your organization. It’s one thing to say, “Trust our rockstar doc.” It’s another to let your audience hear Dr. Rock Star explain their new surgery technique.

How Can Video Content Help With Your Healthcare Organization’s Search Engine Rankings?

Hosting your video content through YouTube and then populating it throughout your website gives Google another signal about the content you should rank for. You’ll want to make sure the video content is properly tagged with keywords.

In case you need more inspiration:

  • People currently spend about ⅓ of their online time watching videos
  • By 2019, video content is set to make up over 80% of traffic across the web
  • Embedding video on a landing page can lead to an 80% increase in conversion rates

In other words, videos are good for search engine optimization (SEO), conversion, and your organization’s bottom line.

You Want Your Organization To Use Videos As Part of Your Marketing Strategy — Now What?

Whether you want to incorporate video into your healthcare organization’s main website or your content marketing initiatives, there are a few questions to consider:

  • What’s your overall digital content strategy? This means defining your audiences, your healthcare organization’s goals, and your key messages.
  • Why do you think video will help you reach those audiences, meet those goals, and communicate those messages? If you can’t answer this question, you may be hopping on the video bandwagon just because.
  • What’s your budget and bandwidth for producing a video? Video can be high-end expensive, shoe-string cheap or somewhere in between. Be honest about your healthcare organization’s ability to produce quality video content. But don’t believe the hype that it has to be expensive. There are creative approaches to producing video content within a reasonable budget.
  • How will you promote the video content? This is so important, yet often overlooked. Producing video content takes way too much effort to just slap it on YouTube and then cross your fingers that it will generate some views. You have to have a plan for how you’ll take that original footage and remix it for different promotion channels.

And those are just the considerations before you even get started. Once you’re clear on how video fits into your organization’s digital strategy, there’s a whole other set of questions and prep work to complete. And that preparation is key. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time, effort, and money.

Once you’re clear on your bandwidth and your healthcare organization’s content strategy, here are 3 tips to prep for creating solid video content:

  1. Find three videos that exemplify how you’d like your own organization’s videos to be. Looks for things like editing style, settings, tone, and key messages.
  2. Develop questions and prompts for video subjects that are consistent with your strategy. Share those with a two to three members of your target audience and simply ask: “Would you find this information helpful or shareable?”
  3. Produce a sample first. Select a subject and scope out locations, lighting, sound quality BEFORE the shoot. Do this in a way that is as low-cost as possible, preferably in-house with a smartphone. Again, put the sample in front of your healthcare organization’s stakeholders and a couple of target audience members just to get that initial feedback to guide the rest of your video production efforts.

Who Should Be Involved In Developing The Video Content Strategy?

  • Your target audience: Feedback from even two or three members of your target audience can be a game-changer and really help guide your video production. Too often in healthcare, organizations forget to include the very people they’re talking to.
  • Marketing department team members: These should be people who have a deep understanding of your organization’s brand identity and strategy goals.
  • Senior leaders and clinicians: Including key decision makers and members of your organization’s leadership throughout the process can avoid a headache later on and avoid their vetoing an entire video project after it has already been produced.

Why Choose CareContent For Your Healthcare Video Content Strategy And Production?

When you partner with CareContent for your healthcare video production services, you’re partnering with a team of strategists and storytellers. Our philosophy is that the strategy should guide the story.

We’ll first conduct thorough discovery interviews to understand the target audiences for the videos, along with your organization’s goals and key messages. The key messages also include the tone of the videos. Then, we’ll explore the different potential ways the video content can be distributed online, beyond just posting to YouTube.

Our approach is heavy on planning and smooth on execution.

What CareContent’s Team Does

  • Plan a strategy for the video content first: We’ll outline the target audience, the goals, and the key messages
  • Develop questions and prompts that are consistent with your content strategy
  • Conduct keyword research to help your videos rank well in search and ensure the video content captures those keywords
  • Pitch various video concepts for shooting and editing for your team’s approval
  • Schedules subjects for shoots during an onsite visit to your healthcare organization
  • Send prep emails to the video subjects with instructions and on-camera questions
  • Scope out locations and test sound before the shoot during our onsite visit
  • Conduct on-camera interviews while our videographer shoots the interview, b-roll, and other relevant footage
  • Collect consent forms for interview subjects, which we will deliver to your team
  • Edit the videos
  • Provide web-friendly transcriptions of the audio
  • Outline an idea sheet for other videos that can be produced with the footage we captured onsite
  • Route videos for approval to stakeholders and interview subjects
  • Deliver the final cut to your organization

What Your Team Does

  • Select interview subjects
  • Approve video draft cuts or request edits
  • Approve final cuts

We’ll help even the most nervous video subjects feel comfortable and at ease on camera. When staff, senior leaders, patients or others are selected to appear in videos, our content specialists provide “coaching” and context off-camera about the goals for the video content.

If Your Healthcare Organization Already Has A Videographer …

That means you clearly understand the value of video content. We’d love to partner with your healthcare organization’s videographer to help with:

  • Strategy: We can help your in-house videographer define the direction of the video content according to the audience’s needs as well as the organization’s goals and key messages. We can also discuss how the video can be used and repurposed for different vehicles.
  • Editing: If the editing direction has been set according to the content strategy, send us the footage and we can edit according to your specs. This is an ideal service for healthcare organizations who have the internal resources to shoot the footage, but don’t have time to edit.
  • Idea sheets: Send us the raw footage. We’ll develop an outline of different ideas of how that footage can be chopped into various videos for social media, website, or content marketing.
  • Promotion planning: We can help your marketing team think about how to give that video content a longer shelf life by promoting it.

We’re Experts At What We Do

Many companies offer video content strategy and production services. So, why should you choose CareContent?

At CareContent, we take pride in the fact our staff members do not just have the skills — they have the passion. Each person on staff has a desire to help others through spreading comprehensive, educational, and engaging content about health and medicine.

Our goal isn’t solely to create content. It’s to create content that can make a difference.

And isn’t that what every health organization wants?

Ready to get started on making that difference? The experts at CareContent are here to discuss your organization’s needs and goals, and to create one-of-a-kind video content. Contact us