4 Websites That Say “Nope”: Lessons In Good Web Design

In my industry, we call it your “bounce rate”: the percentage of visitors who land on your homepage, then hop on down the bunny trail to some other website. That means they never click on any of your links. Never look around. Never get to know who you are. And never become your client. What…

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Samantha Gassel, CareContent

Social Media For Healthcare Marketing: Snaps, Pins, And Shares, Oh My!

If you are one of the millions of adults in the US who use Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably followed—or at least seen—a company’s account on one of these social networks. Many businesses create Facebook profiles (called pages) or Twitter accounts (called handles) in order to further their brand recognition and boost their marketing efforts. But…

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I’m Pregnant! My Experience Choosing a Doctor Online

Here’s a very candid look at how I used the web to choose a doctor after finding out I was pregnant.