4 Websites That Say “Nope”: Lessons In Good Web Design

In my industry, we call it your “bounce rate”: the percentage of visitors who land on your homepage, then hop on down the bunny trail to some other website. That means they never click on any of your links. Never look around. Never get to know who you are. And never become your client. What…

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End the meeting if your healthcare website vendor says this…

As hospitals and physician groups catch up to current expectations for their websites, many are being duped by web design firms. Let’s pull back the curtain on how some website vendors get one over on healthcare clients.

Redesigning A Healthcare Website? Start With A Strategy

When healthcare organizations want to redesign or launch a site, they often call a web design firm first. That’s kind of like buying a gift, starting with the gift box. Here are 5 reasons why a content strategy should be step one.