UX & Content Designer

Qualified candidates should have a solid working knowledge of industry-standard graphic design, desktop publishing, and web application programs. The full-time permanent position is salaried, with starting pay based on the candidate’s experience.

Disclaimer: This position is currently not open, but we are always looking in case needs change.


The UX & Content Designer is all about making sure that client projects:

  1. Meet the user’s needs for functionality, information, and aesthetics
  2. Follow industry best practices
  3. Are consistent with the client’s goals
  4. Are delivered on time

Personality Traits

The UX & Content Designer is a fierce advocate for the target audience. You are a visual designer who can translate ideas about content strategy, information architecture, and functionality into beautiful, branded designs. You use typography, color, and UX design principles to make complicated info easier to access and understand.

You are also genuinely interested in the clinical, social, financial, and emotional aspects of healthcare.

You are able to balance working with a team and independently, working onsite and remotely. And you believe that missing deadlines without prior notice is trifling and unprofessional.


The UX & Content Designer is responsible for:

  • Leading user and stakeholder interviews for content strategy and wireframe development
  • Creating user flow concepts, wireframes, mockups, visual design, and other elements for web projects
  • Adding visual design to blog content, analytics reports, CareContent marketing materials, and client projects
  • Leading the content migration process, serving as a liaison between the web development team, the content development team, and the client
  • Leading initial and ongoing user testing for client projects (websites, provider directories, and blogs)
  • Reviewing analytics reports and makes recommendations to address concerns about user experience and engagement
  • Identifying sections in written content that lend themselves to visual design or layout changes
  • Creating illustrations, icons, and other visual graphics
  • Ensuring that client deliverables meet deadlines
  • Staying abreast of industry trends and helping CareContent incorporate best practices
  • Pitching concepts to clients, including content strategies, wireframes, and visual designs
  • Occasionally traveling to client sites for user testing, presentations, and feedback or discovery interviews
  • Collaborating closely with the content strategist and multimedia content designer

Software Skills

  • WordPress admin panel
  • Adobe Photoshop (required)
  • Adobe Illustrator (required)
  • Adobe InDesign (required)
  • Sketch
  • Google apps (Drive, Gchat, Hangout, Gmail, Analytics)
  • Multimedia software for editing audio and video is a plus

Send Your Application Today

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and 3 to 5 relevant work samples to Nicole Pegues Riepl: Nicole@CareContent.com